The Ride and Fall of the Black Scorpions

In this day and age of smartphones, apps, video games, candy crushing, mine crafting, robloxing, movies and shows on demand, watching other people play video games on YouTube and an endless plethora of other mind-numbing and time-wasting distractions, it's sometimes hard to believe that kids used to spend countless hours outside… just doing stuff. Back... Continue Reading →

War is Swell

My body hit the ground like a fifty pound bag of potatoes. I had sprinted across the open ground with Private Mike Elfland on my left and Sergeant Major Robby Kaplan on my right, all three of us cut off from our battalion. We had kept our heads low and prayed that the enemy fire... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fad, Fad, Fad, Fad World

When I think about the objects or events that really give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to that straight-to-the-forehead hammer blow of nostalgia, I don’t think of those long-running cultural touchstones, like how everybody watched Family Ties or how every kid had a metal lunchbox that to this day probably... Continue Reading →

Buttman and Robert

In December of 1977, I had the distinct honor of becoming a 5 year old. At the time, I considered it to be quite the achievement. Now, as anyone who has a December birthday can tell you, it sucks. And the closer your special day commemorating how many times the Earth traveled around the sun... Continue Reading →

Born This Way

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not all too entirely different than me. You know what I mean, you dive hard into fictitious places, develop serious concerns over fictional characters, have a penchant for hero worship, probably struggle with a lifelong chronic case of low self esteem and social awkwardness. Maybe you get a little... Continue Reading →

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